Thursday, September 19, 2013

Press Release: Former Olympiam and Current US College Coach at MDC/VERSAN Seminar.

September 19, 2013………..Davian Clarke,  US college coach and former Jamaican Olympian, will headline a group of presenters via Skype at a seminar hosted by Versan/MDC this Saturday at Prevo Cine Mall.  The seminar which targets athletes and coaches, will explore “how to access the vast number of Scholarships available to student athletes at US Colleges and Universities”.

Other presenters will be Sherwin James a former Dominican Olympian, who is currently a University Administrator and Mannika Charles a former student athlete (Volleyball) at the University of North Carolina (at Wilmington) who now plays professional volleyball.

The seminar which begins at 10:00am will be the final of a three-part series of presentations by Versan/MDC this summer to increase public awareness of its “Study in the US Scholarship Program”. The previous two seminars looked at the “Private Boarding Schools as a vehicle to top Universities” and Academic Scholarships with the S.A.T.

This final seminar will benefit students and especially women with talent in any sporting discipline that is played at the intercollegiate level at US colleges and universities. It’s an opportunity for the athletes to leverage their athletic skills into degrees and professional careers in sports.
For more information contact:
Michael Pascal
MDC/VERSAN Education Consultancy Services
Tel: (767) 612-2248

Saturday, August 31, 2013

August 31, 2013 - MDC & Versan Program: A Year Later: So Much Has Happened!

We started with the usual ambitious plans of the bright-eyed and bushy-tailed beginner.  Kitwanie Carbon was our first and single scholarship recipient in August 2012. She completed her first year at The MacDuffie School with glowing record and awards.  Kitwanie graciously  providing the MDC & Versan Class of 2013 with very insightful pointers and guidance, based on her experience at MacDuffie.

Kitwanie Carbon at the End of Year Ceremony -Mac Duffy School 2013 

Along the way we adjusted and meandered, yet never losing sight of the goal. The learning curves was huge but we stayed the course. Here we are, some twelves months later.

  • Nine of ten SSAT Students got acceptance and scholarship offers to US. Boarding schools
  • The total Scholarship award secured by the program totaled EC$2.2 million
  • Four of the nine students will start boarding school  in late August  to early September.
What have we learnt along the way? 
  1. That this journey is truly a parent and student partnership.  It is not either or.
  2. Successful results come through discipline application and perseverance even for the very gifted.  The last minute preparations is not a good idea.
  3. That most of our students must get a scholarship award of  90 to 99% of the tuition and board to be able to afford and therefore attend boarding school.
  4. In order to get scholarship in the range of 90 to 90% of tuition and board, students must score in the 70-90 percentile range of the SSAT exams. It is not the actual SSAT score that is critical but the percentile placement.
Class of 2013 - Kitwanie Carbon (Class of 2012), Kimorah John, Jose Thomas and Siobhan Pascal,  (Missing Alex-Marie Roberts)
MDC & Versan, would like to say thank you to the parents and students who stayed the course. We wish all our students future success in all they do and commit to working with them if required to achieve their academic goals.  No matter what, "Keep Your Dreams On Track"!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sunday 24, June 2012 - MDC & Versan Program -Consultation Forms Distributed

The process of registration has started in earnest.  The forms for consultations indicating the required consultation fee, have been sent out via e-mail to all those who provided their information at the seminars at Garraway Hotel and Marigot Credit Union. The consultation is optional but highly recommended. 

Ms.Bramwell through personalized consultations will guide you through the entire process inclusive of school selection, tips and concentration for studies, essay development, application forms for entry to schools and for financial aid. 

During the summer months we will train the selected teachers and start work with a select group of athletes from WesMar Rangers Athletics Club.  In September 2012 classes will start for all other registrants. Forms for registration for classes will be sent out via email addresses in due course.

This Week's Big Questions
 When is the next scheduled SAT and SSAT ?
Where will the classes be held?

This Week's To Do List
Receipt of completed consultation forms and fees
Establishment of Consultation Schedule for students

This Week's Shout Outs
A Wonderful and Productive summer vacation 2012 to all Dominican students!!!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Sunday 17, June 2012 Updates: MDC & Versan Program - Fast and Furious

Dominicans' interest has been peaked.  Sandra's presentations did the trick.  And so now the anticipation is high. 

This Week's Big Questions
 When is it starting? 
How much does it cost?

This Week's To Do List
Registration forms to be made available 
Logistics for return of Sandra 
Selection of Teachers 

This Week's Shout Outs
Happy Father's 
To All The Men Who Guide,Protect and Raise Our Children